Reimagine the world.


I am experimenting with thoughts – mine and readers of the blog, welcoming your reflections and stories. I have been thinking about this world, this universe, how it was created, why it was created, what quantum physicists say about its creation. It has long been known that everything in this world is made up of atoms. Humans and physical objects are highly condensed atom activity that looks solid but is an illusion. We are atomic energy held together by our stories. Every person has a unique and personal story. Your story is what creates communities, beliefs, families, good and bad behavior, redemption, grace and much more. Stories are what connect humans to each other.

Share your stories in response to my blog posts as you may be so inclined:

"Gardening is an active participation in the deepest mysteries of the universe." -Thomas Berry

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I read a quote recently by Dietrich Bonhoeffer –

a German theologian who died in a Nazi prison camp –

that turned my idea of community upside down.


“The person who is in love with their
vision of community
will destroy community.

But the person
who loves the people around them
will create community everywhere they go.”


To reimagine the world, and to individually create how we operate in the world we most likely need to redefine what community means.

Bonhoeffer’s quote was an epiphany for me for why hippie communes didn’t survive the 60’s, or why many people I know bowed out of volunteer organizations though expectations were high and being of service was a goal.

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Intuition has been my boss.

I have lived a large life, larger than most and less so than others. I define a large life by the degree of fearlessness one has amid absolute fear while pursuing a dream, a better life and a better way to be in this one.

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